Although poll data reported in the New York Times (2016) indicates that many Americans viewed the 1950s as the time when America was at its greatest, during this time between 1945-1959 approximately 200 nuclear bombs were tested above ground (atmospheric testing) on US soil.  These atomic bombs produced radioactive fallout which--in this case--drifted from the test sites in western Nevada eastward to New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  The radioactive fallout got into food sources, such as milk, which was consumed by the population.  
This series, titled Nuclear Families, explores the dichotomy between the willful blindness of the US Government to the effects of atmospheric atomic testing and the post-war optimism of white America.
From the left: 
The Mrs. Boltzmann Event [The Boltzmann Event, May 28, 1957]
It's Safe- and Fun [Actual name/date unknown- Suspect Operation Plumbbob]
She's so Hot! [Actual name/date unknown- likely Operation Plumbbob]
Rope Tricks [Trinity Test- 1945]
The Family at House #1 [Anne- Operation Upshot-Knothole 1953]
Found on Doorstep [Doorstep-Operation Upshot-Knothole, 1953]


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